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SAVE OUR SYDNEYSOS has a DVD coming out with its movie "The Planes that Ate Sydenham" about anti 3rd runway struggle.We are looking for venues to premier this 1995 half hour movie

SYDNEY CITY - REDFERN movie - for DVD release etc. We were writing to new Premier, Labor opposition and the Federal government about the proposed private light rail going down George St in the city - to Circular Quay, to oppose it. But O'Farrell stopped it - so now we want to urge that the tram extension to Dulwich Hill be finished soon, the UNSW line started. and a goods line to Balmain be converted to light rail urgently We campaigned for a long time to have light rail run from Central station one way down Hickson road and round Circular Quay and back up Macquarie St and back to Central station.