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Our long time Alternative Festival of Arts (AFA) was relaunched as the EMBRiO (AFA) FESTIVAL - with the POETRY PICNIC event happening again annually, this year meeting at noon on Sunday 25 November 2012 at the usual Pioneer Park (PP) venue in Norton St in Leichhardt. We had applied for a booking and fee waiver from Leichhardt Council since 2 September - with only a committee report emailed by mid November. The Poetry Picnic has been running since 1990 - moving to Pioneer Park in 1998 when it was expanded into a Festival by adding an indoor event (Club Hippi) - with a gap from after 2006 (when Festival was retired until 2012 while Director did more full time studies). Unfortunately the Council has buggered up Pioneer Park by putting a large noisy recreational facility too near the side of the Rotunda which is where performances are done. We will be campaigning to have Council move it. We went to the local media on Council failing to give us venue fee waivers this year - but we only got a well meaning but rather confused article in one paper - which didn't include our phone number or website.Though we got a group photo on the front page - it didn't have a page number link to the article inside.The second event was CLUB HIPPI - was to meet at 2pm on Sunday 9 December at the heritage Balmain Town Hall venue - but again, the booking and fee waiver applications had not yet been processed by Council - (plus $500 deposit we can't afford. Therefore we now had to move to another much smaller location. The CLUB HIPPI event was moved to The Angry Fix Cafe in Regent St Chippendale (near Central Station) running on Sunday 16 December.BACKGROUND: Leichhardt Council helped us establish the Festival with a $500 grant in 1998 and some smaller ones later. Other park fee waivers in the past came from Marrickville and Ashfield Council (about 7 times) - also Glebe Town Hall fee waivers from Leichhardt and Sydney City Council (plus Public Liability cover inclusions by all named Councils). Council is the only level of government that has helped AFA.A video documentary of the Festival is being made to go with DVD release of its events (eg Enmore Park '92 Poetry Picnic).TIMESTREAM magazine has been coming out at least annually at the (EMBRiO) Alternative Festival of Arts - which has poetry and photos from its Poetry Picnic event. We need poetry and artwork for ouy next issue - contact us here by email to express your interest.Here we hope to soon publish some photos and poetry etc from the magazines - such are available by mail or (one day) also download - by donation.