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ODD JOB CENTRE is a long running program started in 1978 with the aim of giving young jobless people a way to earn a little money and help run the project. It operated initially in the Unemployed Peoples Embassy - which still manages it and other projects outlined here. It is now looking more at the creative projects that flourised from this beginning. A DVD has been made from a film/video made about its origins. This and other DVD's are available for donation and will be played publically (see "Your TV" TVUnderground tab above).The OJC has had two further locations in private rental - so far. We were from May 2014 approaching various local Councils in Sydney for a further studio locations. The internal email addresss here at "About" requires an email address and name from sender. Our original webside is now an archive at /unemployedembassy , while HRC awaeded longtime Dole News is on Blogger.Underground Television is one of the projects that developed from nn Embassy initiative - the Alternative Festival of Arts PLAYCABARET project is WITAR's mini version of its TheatreXperimental program.WITAR (Workshop In Theatre/Actor Resourses) concept was outlined in an article in 1975 (in TUBE magazine).

THIS WEBSITE is now being accessed and updated again. Some more changes can be expected from mid May 2016.The blogger Embassy websites including Dole News are also being updated and added to from May - including more material about Ultimo TAFE bullying of middle aged male students. We are now working on an EBOOK covering 10 years of one serious material "investigated" by the NSW Antidiscrimination Board. The ads on the screen next to this site are inserted by someone else. We get no revenue from them - nor was our permission sought to put in ads. We rely on public donations and very occassional public frants for our projects. See email box at About. An A member application form can be sent