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CONTACT the Unemployed Peoples Embassy (UPE) - which co-ordinates this Odd Job Centre (OJC) based website - through the Email Box on this page. You have to have an email address for the message to get through. We are looking for people who want to be involved in our creative projects outlined here on this OJC website. The OJC is itself is a longtime project of UPE, under which it now operates as a project. OJC started in 1972 as an idea for a cleaners co-op - but it wasn't until 1976 that attempts were made to call for jobless young people to join - through meetings proposed at Burwood Info Centre and Rozelle CYYS.With lack of co-operation from those organisations, it wasn't until 1978 that office space became available in a NSW govt owned 41 Phillip St Sydney, where the Timestream Media Centre had been renting in the basement from the Head Tenant since 1975. Both were included as projects under the UPE which was soon set up and registered as a non profit organisation in 1981. People are welcome to apply to join by requesting an application form (emailed to them).